Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is the first sorority among the traditional “Big 4” to establish auxiliary groups. These groups are representatives of the organization on the elementary, middle and high school levels, in addition to professional women. In this capacity, they assist the women of ZETA in promoting our principles. Below is an overview of the four (4) groups that represent “ZETA Auxiliaries”.Amicae – Nationally established in 1948, Amicae are professional women, who for various reasons are not members of any greek-letter organization and have not obtained a Bachelor’s Degree.

Archonettes – 14-18 year old youth group. Officially recognized in 1968 as the high school auxiliary. There are over 100 Archonette groups.

Amicettes – 9-13 year old youth group. Added to the Zeta structure at the 50th Anniversary Boule in 1970 as the junior-high auxiliary. There are presently 150 Amicette groups.

Pearlettes – 4-8 year old youth group. First proposed in the Southern Region in 1991. At Boule 1994, the national body officially adopted the Pearlettes as the third national youth auxiliary.